How I raised the money for the coast to coast

I promised this blog post a couple of months back but have been so busy getting ready that I almost forgot. Not a great way to start this blog! Before I get into the money making method I know so many of you are keen to hear about, a quick update on the tour.
I have all my gear and the trip is roughly planned out. I know roughly the route I will be taking and which motels etc I will be stopping at every day. Some of them are a lot nicer than others!

The bike is in good shape and I have made a few adjustments to it in order to cope with such a long and arduous journey. This was expensive. Why is biking so expensive these days?

Ok so the good stuff. Here is how I made enough money over the last year to give up my job for a bit.

It’s called matched betting. I had never heard of it before but a good friend of mine told me about it. He had been matched betting for over a year and had made close to £20,000! This blew my mind so I had to get involved and I pressed him for every bit of knowledge he had about the subject. When you first start reading up on it, it sounds really complicated but once you get going it’s actually a really simple process that anyone could do. Plus it’s really lucrative so you would be daft not to try it.

In a nutshell the process is backing and then laying bets so that they cancel each other out. You don’t win and you don’t lose. What happens then though is you unlock a free bet from the bookie and we can use the free bet to make some money. Still with me? Sounds dubious doesn’t it. I thought the same but when my friend Rob showed me his profit logs I knew he wasn’t kidding around.

He was using a matched betting service to learn how to do all this. He said it made it really easy so I read a few online oddsmonkey review and I signed up. Once I got inside the members area I was given access to all the guide and tutorials and before I knew it I was making around £500 a month. I gradually scaled this up and started making closer to £1000 per month. 1 year later I am taking unpaid leave from my job to cycle across the country.

Bookmakers are handing out free bets every day and each free bet is a guaranteed profit. All you have to do it place the bets to qualify. To make it risk free we lay all the bets off first. That way you can’t lose money. It isn’t gambling. That was key for me. I couldn’t afford to lose money gambling if I wanted to complete an epic cross country adventure. There are quite a few useful sites out there that will help you with this. I fully recommend Oddsmonkey but if you want to know more first then you can have a read of this website here. It reviews all the latest matched betting sites and it gave me the peace of mind to get stuck in.

Obviously it helped a lot that my friend Rob was on hand to guide me through it all but it really couldn’t be easier. I fully recommend giving it a go. Once I get back from the trip I will be continuing to do it around my job. The extra money every month is going to be a god send. Even though this has allowed me to quit work for a while it isn’t exactly matching my salary so things will still be tight. It has paid for a few hotels and a lot of biking equipment though. I would have been saving up for years yet without matched betting so it really has been great in getting this project underway.

Once I get a start date planned for the trip I will update the blog. It’s kind of nerve racking planning it all and thinking about what I am undertaking. I think once I get started the nerves and worries will disappear so I am eager to get started. The timing has to be right though with my family and I have to think about the weather as well. Obviously I don’t want to wait until winter but I don’t want to be cycling though the desert when it’s 50 degrees in the shade.

There are many things yet still to think about and to plan for but slowly and surely it is all coming together quite nicely. Did anyone grab a copy of the book that inspired me? I mentioned it in my previous blog. If you did let me know in the comments what you thought about it and whether it has inspired you to plan your own epic adventure.

Until next time…

Oh and check out this guy cycling across the Sahara desert!